Organic Chia Mango Purée

Organic Chia Mango Purée


Organic Chia Seeds 50g
Philippines Mango  3 pcs
Coconut Cream 100ml
Low Fat Fresh Milk 50ml
Water 250ml
Raw Rock Sugar 50g
Pink Himalayan Salt some
Cashewnut some


1. Mix low fat fresh milk & coconut cream. Add pinch of pink Himalayan salt. Bring

   it to boil and remove from heat. Set aside for cooling.

2. Boil rock sugar and water until  all sugar melt. Set aside to let it cool.

3. Chia Seeds mix with half of milk mixture & sugar syrup. Leave for 15 minutes

    until it becomes semi- transparent.

4. Dice mangoes. Blend into mango puree by using a hand blender.

5. Make the gradient layer in glass. Chill it until cool.

6. Put the cashewnut on top and serve.

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