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  • The meat of Lobster tail textured fresh and firm.  It has a high nutritional value of protein and mineral.  It is good for easy to cook and effective. 

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  • Vietnam Prawn with head meat textured firm, whippy and plump, with rich flavor of shrimp.  Suitable for party, gathering, gift and home dishes etc.   For cooking tips, use rich flavor sauce and seasoning which can lead out the shrimp's fresh and flavor, suitable for high density cooking way such as iron plate grilling, simmer-fried and oil-braise.

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  • Japan Hokkaido King Crab is one of the largest crab in the sea. They grow in the deep waters of northern Hokkaido.  The meat texture is most juicy, chewy, delicious and sweet flavor addition bring in rich protein.   Just a simply cooked or hot pot, you could lead out the fresh of crab leg and floavor!

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