Natural Pineapple Jelly

Natural Pineapple Jelly


Pineapple 1/2 pc
Water  400ml
Lemon Juice 2tsp
Honey 3tbsp
Agar Agar Powder 3tsp


1. Cut 2/3 pineapple into pieces. Blend with water. Dice 1/3 pineapple and put

    in glasses. 

2. Sieve out the residue from the pineapple juice. Mix agar agar powder with ½ of

    juice. Cook & stir well over low heat. Set aside. 

3. Mix honey and lemon juice with the rest of the pineapple juice. Pour the cooked

    juice together. Stir well again.

4. Divide the mixture into glasses, chill until set. Serve.

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