Hong Kong Organic Farm

(Organic Certification No.: C12006)

Hong Kong Organic Farm is located in Ta Kwu Ling, New Territories, where it's far from the city and surrounded by beautiful scenery including mountains and streams.  To preserve the naturally rich farmland, they insist on only organic farming.  For the benefit of both nature and the health of local consumers, only in-season produce is farmed here. 

Organic produce is farmed without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides.  Our goal is not only for the safety and peace of mind for the end consumers, but to make an effort to preserve our precious environment.

Certified Organic Crop:

Papaya, Dragon Fruit, Banana, Lemon, Strawberry, Fig, Lime, Aloe, Mix Lettuce, Choy Sum, Chinese Kale, Water Spinach, Wild Amaranth, Purslane, Spinach, Baby Pok Choi, Shanghai Cabbage, Celery, Garland Chrysanthemum, Pea Sprout, Potato Seedling, Chinese White Cabbage, Napa Cabbage, Chinese Lettuce, Green Cabbage, Purple Cabbage, Kale, White Cauliflower, Green Cauliflower, Orange Cauliflower, Purple, Cauliflower, Roman Cauliflower, Broccoli, Purple Eggplant, White Eggplant, Black Beauty Eggplant, Cucumber, White Bitter Gourd, Pumpkin, Hairly Gourd, Angled Luffa, Corn, Green Okra, Red Okra, Taro, Beetroot, White Radish, White Long String Bean, Ginger, Dragon’s Tongue, Roselle, Baby Choy Sum, Mini Winter Melon, Purple Kohlrabi, Green Kohlrabi, Leaf Mustard, Yellow Chinese Amaranth, Spreading Hedyotis, Mustard Greens, Baby Spinach, Pok Choi, Cherry Tomato.

Certifications & Awards:

For more information, please visit: Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre

The farm has won a variety of awards; awards from Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre are recent examples.  We thank the institutions that give us recognition, and we hope to continue educate and spread the credence of organic farming to the Hong Kong people.


  • Organic Farm Rookie Award (2014)
  • Organic Planting Awards Merit Award (2014)
  • Organic Farm Excellence Award (2015)
  • Organic Plantation Award Merit Award (2016)
  • Organic Planting Merit Award (2016)
  • Organic Watermelon Festival Runner-up (2016)

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