Steamed Shrimps with Garlic

Steamed Shrimps with Garlic


Shrimps-Medium Size 500g
Mung Bean Vermicelli 200g
Grated Garlic 3tbsp
Finely Chopped Spring Onion some
Potato Starch 2tbsp


Himalayan Pink Rock Salt 1/2tsp
Organic Coconut Flower Sugar 1tsp
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3tsp
Seafood-Flavoured Light Soy Sauce 2tsp


1. After shelling and deveining the shrimps, mix well with the potato starch. Leave for 1 minute. Rub gently and rinse with cold water.

2. Soak the mung bean vermicelli until soft and drain. Cut into short lengths and put on the plate.

3. Grated garlic mix well with salt, sugar and olive oil. Spread the mixture over the shrimps.

4. Steam over high heat for 4-5 minutes (depends on the size).

5. Heat the oil and turn off the fire. Heat the mixture and drizzle over the shrimps. Sprinkle with finely chopped spring onion. Serve.

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