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  • Wild black cod is a popular deep water fish with a firm texture and fresh taste.  It is mainly produced in Alaska of United States and Northern Canada.  It is a good source of Omega-3 and high in protein.  The meat is tender and delicious, suitable for steamed, fried, baked, fried.

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  • As a Sashimi-grade from Japan, using asepsis process and freezing technology immediately after catching from the sea.  It completely maintain the flavor and freshness.  Thick meat scallops taste chewy, fresh and juicy. 

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  • Oysters from Hiroshima in Japan is a selection of excellent oysters and they use advanced rapid cold storage technology to keep oysters fresh and delicious.  Its flesh is thick and sweet. Hiroshima has a long history of oysters farming technology. Plump oyster meat, taste sweet, fresh and creamy texture is good for pan-fried, fried, grilled or in hot pot.

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