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  • Duroc pork is imported directly from Spain.  It is a premium grade of pork which meat is tender and juicy because of the marbling.  

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  • Certified Angus Beef (CAB) is made from Angus black cattle.  With USDA quality scale, CAB is from high quality Angus beef with modest marbling.  Ribeye is the center best portion of the rib boneless steak.  It is smooth, fine texture, juicy and tender.

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  • USDA Prime grade beef steaks are the best quality steaks from US. It has abundant marbling and ribbons of fats which can melt into lean.  Ribeye is cut from the rib primal portion.  It is smooth, fine texture, juicy and tender.

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  • Oxtail is the part that ox moves the most frequent.  Its meat and bones are high in nutritional value.  It is good for stew or soup.

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  • Beef brisket cut from the breast or lower chest of a beef.  This cut of meat consists of collagen fibers.  Some popular Asian cuisines are curry beef brisket or stewed beef brisket.

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  • Lamb is an animal less than 1 year old.  It is pink, firm and fine texture.  It includes eight ribs.  Frenched rack is the meat at the tips to be cut away to expose the bones.  It is good tender meat rich in protein, vitamin B and iron.  It tastes fresh and delicious.

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  • The meat is tender and flavorful.  Rich in protein, iron and other nutrients.   It is very delicious to cook with curry.

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  • The size of quail is small, its around 16-18cm.  Quail meat is delicious, high nutritional value, rich in protein, vitamins and low fat. It is good for deep fried, fry, stew, soup. 

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